How to use this tool

This website simply displays a list of the users you have blocked on Twitter. To view your list of blocked users, just click the Sign in with Twitter button and allow access for this application. You can then click on the Show my blocked users button to display a detailed list of your blocked users. You have the option to Unblock each user if you feel you have made a mistake or are in a forgiving mood. Each unblocked user will be listed at the top of the page, where you have an option to Follow if you feel the need.

I never want to see my blocked users again, what's the point?

It's a fair question. Twitter's block feature is there to avoid contact with spam-merchants and cyber-bullies, so your list of blocked users is likely to be a rogues gallery, which you don't want to waste much time reviewing.

However, because the user interface on is frequently redesigned and constantly tweaked, it is quite common to hear of Twitter users inadvertently blocking people. So if your friend asks you: have you blocked me?, this tool gives you a quick way of checking.

Blocking too many accounts? Try the 100-per-page view

The Twitter API calls to show your blocking list are rate-limited to 15 calls per user in any 15 minute period. Each call returns 100 users, so 1500+ blocked accounts are too many to show from this page. An alternative view is under development, which shows a page of 100 users at a time. You can try this method at:

You can now view your blocked list on

Since early December 2014, twitter have added a Blocked Accounts section to their Account Settings page on their web interface.

Is that all? Surely I've blocked a bigger number than that.

Many people expect the size of their Twitter blocked list to be larger than the number returned by The explanation for this is that Twitter only returns valid accounts in your blocked list, so a good many accounts have probably succumbed to suspension and deletion since you blocked them.

Can I see a list of who has blocked me?

No, Twitter does not make that information available. However Twitter is now much more direct about individual users who have blocked you and simply states "This user has blocked you from following them" if you click on their Follow button on Previously Twitter used to mask this information behind a protected tweets smokescreen.

Statistical Summary: 169 users blocked on average

Based on data from the 228157 unique users, who have queried their blocked list with this tool, the average number of people blocked per account is 169. Note that the maximum blocked count has been used for each unique user in this statistical analysis, as users often use the tool more than once and the blocked value will therefore vary over time.

Are there any profile factors strongly correlated with the size of the blocked list? The Pearson correlation coefficents are shown below. None of the other metrics shows a strong correlation with the average size of a user's blocked list,

  Blocked Tweets Followers Following Days since joining
Average per unique user 169 16028 2599 852 967
Correlation coefficient
with Blocked count
1.0000 0.0487 0.0155 0.0347 0.0548

Privacy policy: no funny business

While non-identifiable metrics are collected for statistical analysis, your individual blocking data are private and will not be published. Your Twitter authentication details are not stored in a database and are only available during this browser session. Rest assured therefore that this application will never:

  • send any unauthorised updates from your Twitter account,
  • send any direct messages (DMs) from your Twitter account or
  • send you any irritating automated @reply or @mention tweets